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The Hound One Natural Soap Bar

The Hound One Natural Soap Bar

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An all natural, plant based INCREDIBLE dog soap!

The one you guys have been hounding us for.....sorry.....Couldn’t resist!

Our recipe is packed with skin nourishing oils and butters. Perfect for dogs with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. We use our Rosemary essential oil blend which not only repels bugs, ticks and fleas but also has the most effective properties as a deodoriser. Trust us, we’ve got two stinky beagles who love nothing more than wearing Eau Du Fox Crap, if you know the pain we feel you’ll know how hard it is to get rid of that bloody awful smell post wash. Now thanks to our Rufus hound regularly rolling in poop, this bar has been tested to the max and it’s absolutely spot on.

How to use; Hold your soap pouch under running water and work up a lather, then gently massage the pouch into your dogs fur working up a silky bubble. Once your pooch is sufficiently soapy, rinse as normal with clean water. Avoid contact with their eyes. Due to it’s cosmetically assessed recipe this bar is also safe and suitable for human hands! Happy hound - Happy Human slave!!


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Customer Reviews

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The hound one - amazing soap for dogs, it’s a must try!!

So being a dog groomer and spending years using liquid soap I was sceptical using a soap bar. Getting a good clean prep on the dogs coat is essential for a good groom. Well, I am shocked and and don’t think I would go back to liquid soap again!

The pouch is fantastic as gives a good grip so I am not slipping or dropping the soap, also gives some friction on the dogs coat to help it work into the fur and skin

It lathered up straight away and gave a really good foamy wash which made it easy to massage into the coat

It smelt great and even after blow drying I could still smell it beautifully on my dogs fur

My dogs coat was so clean afterwards and soft made it perfect to groom

No plastic in sight so eco friendly too

Hugely impressed, love the product and will 100% be using it on every dog wash!

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