Care Instructions

We don't want to get all bossy on you, we just want you to get the most from your Thornbush Hill goodies! In order to do so, please follow these few simple safety instructions to maximise all that your products have to offer!

Candles: avoid burning your candle for more than four hours at a time. As tempting as that is, it can lead to wick migration and the potential for sooting. We’d always recommend using a coaster to protect vulnerable surfaces such as wood. 

Reed Diffusers: these should last at least 20 weeks, but in order to maximise the scent throw, keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight. Warm rooms help the scent travel. Flip your reeds every 2-3 weeks for an instant refresh.  Keep this product out of reach of children and do not allow the reeds to touch any services or soft furnishings. 

Wax Melts: these melts pack a punch, but do not get carried away and overfill your dish! If you're melting the stars, add one or two (depending on the size of your wax melt dish, your room and your strength preferences). The fragrance will last for 2-3 tea lights. Once you can no longer smell your favourite scent, it is time to clean the dish and start again.

Finally and possibly most importantly, you must always remember to enjoy your One Small Moment! Use it as an opportunity to relax, reflect and take stock of your day.

If you have ANY questions please ask! Email us on or call our HQ on 01446 775895.