One Small Moment

We never wanted to be ‘just another candle brand’. From the start, Thornbush Hill has always been about creating opportunities in your day to slow down and take stock of your day. We believe that in our modern-day life our brains and bodies can become overloaded with information, both positive and negative news. Constant stimulation and information from so many digital sources and of course the inevitable comparisons we make with other folks on social media. Even the strongest amongst us can feel the weight from time to time, and so we want to encourage everyone to step back. After all small habits in your day can make a huge impact on your emotional and physical health in a very short space of time.

Therefore our ‘why’ is to give our amazing community of customers an opportunity in their day to light their candle or run that bath.. step away from the phone, the washing up and the list making. Drop those shoulders and encourage yourself to breathe deeply and slowly. Think about all the wonderful little interactions you’ve had that day, a smiley barista whilst you got your morning coffee, the dog living its best life hanging it’s head out of the car window that you passed on the dual carriageway, the Canadian geese that flew over your garden in a perfect V, or someone you love giving you that massive bear hug when you saw them.

It’s the simplest of things that can give our busy lives so much fulfilment. We believe that practicing these daily thoughts can help aid a grateful mindset naturally and give us that much needed lift at times when life can be a bit challenging.

Using your Thornbush Hill product is your daily reminder to take One Small Moment to feel soothed, grounded, grateful and rested.

We're always at the end of a phone, email, message or our sanctuary HQ if you ever need a chat, beagle cuddle or cup of something warming.

Much love,

Team TBH xx