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The Wax Melt Scent Collection
The Wax Melt Scent Collection

The Wax Melt Scent Collection

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For the serious wax melt enthusiast, here is a collection that delivers approximately 100 hours of delightful scent throw, perfectly packaged in a premium Thornbush Hill gift box. 

Allow me to choose 4 individual snap bars or simply contact me with your scent preferences. These can be 4 separate scent blends or I can fill it with one of your favourite TBH blends.

This product has been carefully designed to protect our planet, with each snap bar wrapped in biodegradable corn starch packaging. And sits neatly the Thornbush Hill gift box. Fully compostable with zero plastic in sight.

Keep this product out of reach of children and pets at all times - safety first!

There is a note section upon checkout for your scent preferences, or contact me via email or social media platforms.