Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Operating as a true family brand, Thornbush Hill is run by Kirsty and Adam Lewis.
We count ourselves as a lucky bunch! Whilst some people think we are nuts wanting to spend every day together (Adam and Kirsty are married!) we are incredibly grateful to call our Cowbridge HQ our work!

The brand has grown considerably since Kirsty established the brand in 2016. We now operate 2 physical shop spaces in South Wales, 2 websites, supply a host of British retail and collaboration partners, a charity range and team of brand advocates nationwide. Most recently we proudly won Retail Business of the Year at the Vale of Glamorgan Business Awards, 2022. We’re no longer based at the kitchen table, but a custom designed workspace and shop in Cowbridge, South Wales.

Our brand mission is to create opportunities to feel a sense of well-being, whether it be by rising slowly, reviving throughout the day or resting with one of our creations – giving our customers One Small Moment to slow down, feel present, soothed, calm and grateful.

We work hard, but know we're fortunate to gather the most wonderful, loyal and supportive customers over the years that allows us to keep doing what we do! So, a massive thank you!!!
Very important roles and responsibilities!

“I come up with all of our new product fact we have far more ideas than we have space to make them all, but then we get the fun part of choosing what makes the cut! I make all of our products (but soap is my favourite!) and run our social media and marketing. I love working on the look of new products and the changes to our shop's decor. Being able to incorporate natures finest and make the most of our seasons really makes my job so interesting. I’ve been told I take too many Beagle pictures, but that’s up for debate!
When I can I borrow one of Hannah’s horses, we get down to the beach to blow away the cobwebs. I used to want to be a witch when I was younger so it’s quite amusing that I’m now happiest when creating new essential oil blends and recipes - or potions as my younger self would call them!"
“I look after everything with a number in it, set out our long term plans and try to keep us organised. I'm also the main contact for our brilliant range of stockists, collab and corporate partners. In a nutshell, I'm the Commercial guy and Kirsty is the Creative whirlwind, so we tend to complement each other pretty well (most of the time...!).
I get a lot of stick for my wonderful excel spreadsheets and one day if they're lucky I may share my formula secrets with the team...! I play in a band, love to sing and write music and enjoy a spot of football". 
“I’m involved in making all of our home fragrance (known in house as the "master of wax melts"!), Apparently, I make the meanest cup of tea this side of the Severn and make it my personal priority in choosing the daily workshop soundtracks! Making our essential oil bath teas is my favourite task, I’m a fluent Spanish speaker and a life-long Liverpool FC fan. You can find me sharing my bananas on a daily basis with Rufus in the stock room”
And not forgetting......!!!
Rufus the Beagle - Food clean-up crew 24/7 and part time shop window model
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